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Through our affiliate scheme you could earn $5 for every visitor that you send to our website that results in a registration.
Payments are sent by cheque, wire transfer or PayPal after you've reached the minimum payout of $100, or 20 registrations

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» Premium Hosting
Price $0.00 $4.84 / month
Disk Space 1500 MB Unlimited Disk Space!
Data Transfer 100 GB / month Unlimited Data Transfer!
Add-on Domains 5 Unlimited
Sub-domains 5 Unlimited
E-mail Addresses 5 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 2 Unlimited
Free domain yourname.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .CO.UK
Control Panel Custom Panel cPanel Pro, see demo
Reseller Hosting Feature
Simple Site Builder
Advanced Site Builder
Support by Phone, Live Chat
Assistance in Installing Scripts
Help in Developing Your Website
Automated Weekly Backups Limited
Uptime 99% 99.9%
FTP Accounts 1 Unlimited
Anonymous FTP Access
CGI Scripts
Ruby On Rails
SSH Access
Ruby On Rails
Cron Jobs
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Web Mail
Mailing Lists
IMAP Support
SMTP Server
Autoinstaller 10 Scripts 50 Scripts (Fantastico)
Custom Error Pages
AWStats (Real Time Stats)
Webalizer Stats
Password Protect Directories
Shared SSL
Private SSL

  Earns at net. Rewiev Clicks programms(PTC - Paid To Click). Update day:
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Fastest earn Very good Good Not bad Normal Below-normal Bad

Logo of click program

Ranking / Bonus of Refferal $ / € / click Payout Direction Registration
      Direction Registration
      Direction Registration
      Direction Registration
01. eurocentbux
0,01€ 10€ Direction Registration
02. BuxToAds
$0,01 $2 Direction Registration
03. donkeymails
$0,001-0,005 $1 Direction Registration
04. buxto
$0,01 $10 Direction Registration
05. isabelmarco
$0,01 $9 Direction Registration
$0,01 $10 Direction Registration
07. Bux3
$0,01 $10 Direction Registration
08. advercash
$0,005-0,015 $10 Direction Registration
09. PersianPTC
$1 Sign up bonus 25%
$0.02 - $0.05 $7 - $3 Direction Registration
0,10 - 0,40 Kč nad 100 Kč Direction Registration
11. clixncash
$0,001-0,01 $0,05 Direction Registration
12. 10euromails
bonus: E100 / reff.E5
E10 E 7000 Direction Registration
$ 0.015 $10 Direction Registration
$0,005-0,01 $10 Direction Registration
15. moneywebsite
$0,01 $10 Direction Registration
16. titanclicks
$0,005-0,01 $10 Direction Registration
17.   adbux
$0,01-0,015 $10 Direction Registration
18. adcash
$0,001-0,01 $10 Direction Registration
19. clixsense
$0,01-0,02 $10 Direction Registration
20. linkgrand
$0,003 $5 Direction Registration
   General direction in area of click programms.
    General directions
  • Account PayPal and AlertPay
    At first time you need to make a Paypal or AlertPay account when you will register to some PTC - Paid To Click programs, and of reason that when you registrer that ask you for your PayPal alebo AlertPay. account . That name of account is in shape your e-mail adress, of which have you make the PayPal alebo AlertPay account .
  • Ever when you slight some adds , you cant have open more than one link of add in new kart/window of the ones community, than you dont earn money . Every time you must open only one add of one community . How the you can make money fastest ? Either have the community SURF ALL LINKS, which you dont must open new links gradually , but they go self or the second possibility is , that you login at all communityies where are you have registred and at once than you open only one add . When you end , you will go that make again , where have beetwen-time have end the time of links and sou you continue .
  • What is next very important ? Is that , you by surfing adds dont have active extensions kind of AdBlock, NoScript for Firefox or others lockers adds and alike . I myself this popular extensions use , but when i go to surf adds , I ban they .

  • Used adds messages are deleted or onderlined. In both cases behind some communites it do after the actualization (F5) site, where are placed this links . You dont need to actualization after the click the site , it enought , when you take a attention , that you dont click on the ones link many-times , because money credit only one time . And in the end you refresh the site and control , if you have clicked all adds. New or refreshly links will portayted ussualy after 24h.

  • Some of communites needs to , that you must chose interests by the registration . Of the following selection , will be send to you adds cocern yours interests . However , it have so the disabilites. Some of the circles interested are rich for new links , others send not very much links . What is ever bad, that as long as in the start you make bad selection of interested and you get a few links , than you must change the circle of intersted but only after 90 dní. And what selection is the best ? Business, Money, Computer, Internet, Get paid to, Music and alike. Anyway dont chose interest kind of Health, Recreation, Travel, Education and others.
  • On every click server you need to earn certain surn and after than you can request of payout. Payout is check like Cashout, example Payout or still too Withdraw. Every community tent themselves the mininmal surn to payout, for details check Rewiev.

  • Who is Referrer? It is man , who hint you assigned service , you will registred of his refferer link and he get some advanteges , because he make for the community service thereby , that he help widen her client-ship of next customers .
  • Who is Referral? It is man , who have knowed specify service thanks you . When he registre behind your Referral devise , and thanks him you will get advantage of the community .